Thomas More College Partners With St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Thomas More College Partners With St. Elizabeth Healthcare

By: Kim Harp, Thomas More Director of Communications & Public Relations  

(CRESTVIEW HILLS, Ky.) - Thomas More College has announced a partnership with St. Elizabeth Healthcare that will provide the College's athletes with superior sports medicine. Over the next five years, St. Elizabeth will provide services and financial support to Thomas More College. This will benefit the newly established Athletic Training Academic Program as well as the College's Intercollegiate Athletic Training staff. St. Elizabeth will provide athletic trainers, physicians, health services and injury rehabilitation for all 19 intercollegiate athletic teams, approximately 480 student athletes.

St. Elizabeth’s Dr. Michael Miller will continue to serve as Thomas More College's team doctor. Dr. Miller and his staff will provide weekly training room visits to TMC for evaluations and to care for student-athletes. Having St. Elizabeth staff accessible and close by on campus will be more efficient for student athletes needing medical attention.

President David A. Armstrong stated, "The strategic partnership we now have with St. Elizabeth Healthcare is the latest of many initiatives that will better serve our students."

The partnership with St. Elizabeth will allow Thomas More College to expand its athletic training staff to better fit the needs of the College’s growing athletic programs. St. Elizabeth will also provide administrative support and expertise, which will allow coaches and administrators to focus more on enhancing athletic programs.

“St. Elizabeth is proud to reinforce our long-standing relationship with Thomas More College,” said Garren Colvin, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at St. Elizabeth. “With our recently announced Orthopaedic Institute, this is exactly the type of partnership we wish to forge with area schools to improve student health and access to the best sports medicine treatment possible.”

St. Elizabeth will provide athletic training coverage for all athletic summer camps at Thomas More College. Thousands attend the youth athletic camps on Thomas More College's campus each summer. 

"Partnering with St. Elizabeth is a natural fit, as we are neighbors and we both take pride at being the best at what we do. It's a winning combination," said Terry Connor, Athletic Director at Thomas More College.

Students can expect to see St. Elizabeth doctors, physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons on campus as a result of this partnership. St. Elizabeth will provide adjunct faculty and guest lecturers for TMC's Athletic Training academic program. St. Elizabeth will also provide internships for Athletic Training undergraduate/graduate students.

Brian Edwards, head of TMC's Athletic Training education program, said, "We are fortunate to be a program in its infancy stage to partner with such a strong healthcare organization. This will provide unique and innovative educational opportunities to our students. I believe this partnership will be a tremendous benefit to all parties involved.” 

Thomas More College and St. Elizabeth are both affiliated with the Diocese of Covington and each entity's main campus is located on Thomas More Parkway in Crestview Hills, less than a mile away from each other.